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We are a professional provider of flow measurement and control solutions, dedicated to making flow measurement and control more accurate.

Sevenstar Flow is one of the global leaders in providing precision flow measurement and control solutions. We have over 40 years’ experience in flow measurement and control. We always strive to provide cutting-edge technology and proven cost-effective solutions.


We have been releasing generations of gas flow measurement and control products to be able to meet various demand in Semiconductor, Fuel cell, Photovoltaic industry, Vacuum industry, Analytical instruments and other industries. 


We will continue to be the leader to develop high quality and cost-effective MFCs for China and the world and provide the world’s leading technology to empower our customer in the fierce competition.


Beijing Sevenstar Flow Co., LTD.

Class 1000 Cleaning Room


In order to ensure the product cleanliness and meet the requirement of semiconductor, photovoltaics and other industries, all products of Sevenstar Flow are produced in class 1000 cleaning room.

Class 100 Cleaning Room


The assembly of Sevenstar Flow's measurement and control products is carried out in a class 100 environment to ensure that the accuracy and stability of the products are subject to the minimum interference of the external environment.

Beijing Sevenstar Flow Co., LTD.
Beijing Sevenstar Flow Co., LTD.

Precision Machining Center


Sevenstar precision machining center completes the machining, EP and surface passivation of all high-precision products on the flow meter.The products fully meet the requirements at the semiconductor level.

Product Testing Center


To ensure the long-term stability, every product will go through certain hardware aging during the production process,

Beijing Sevenstar Flow Co., LTD.


We are equipped with professional research and development supporting instruments, including 3D printers, product automatic test platforms, high-precision calibration systems, robots, etc.

Beijing Sevenstar Flow Co., LTD.

3D Printer


Beijing Sevenstar Flow Co., LTD.

Product Automatic Test Platform

Beijing Sevenstar Flow Co., LTD.

High-precision Calibration System

Beijing Sevenstar Flow Co., LTD.


Beijing Sevenstar Flow Co., LTD.

Focus on gas measurement and control 
lead the development of the industry

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Beijing Sevenstar Flow Co., LTD.

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