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Pressure Control


Pressure Control

PC series pressure controller are developed based on the advanced technology of CS series. It is strictly in accordance with SEMI standards with high precision, fast response, good repeatability, convenient use, easy communication, scalability and compatibility. There are front pressure control and back pressure control. In addition to standard RS485 output signal, it also provides analog I / O signals. PC series products can be used in semiconductors, photovoltaics, fuel cell, and other voltage control fields.



The PC100-D series pressure controller products use the latest generation control technology for semiconductor and photovoltaic field which provide high accuracy and reliability for the control and measurement of gas pressure.
The PC100-D product is designed with straight channel, equipped with piezoresistive silicon pressure sensor and digital circuit board, which supports wide power supply (+ 15V ~ 24V), and supports both digital signal and 0 ~ 5V analog signal at the same time. It is possible to operate the instrument completely digitally or it can be operated in analog mode with digital monitoring. PC100-D series have high control accuracy, fast response time (< 1s), corrosion resistance and insensitive position. The client software and secondary development of control and acquisition is available through the open protocol.
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