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The CS series products use internationally leading technology and have obtained 66 national patents, including 2 PCT and 24 invention patents. The technical specifications of CS products are strictly in accordance with the SEMI standard. Compared with analog products, they have higher accuracy and faster response and are easier to use. It brings the advantages of multiple functions, easy communication, scalability, and strong compatibility. CS series products have been widely used in semiconductor, photovoltaics, fuel cell, vacuum, analytical instruments, photoelectricity, gas making, petrochemical, medical, other industries.




CS200 MFCs with advanced sensor and temperature compensation technology can achieve ±1%S.P. accuracy and a low temperature coefficient. In addition, CS200 MFCs with the advanced control system average an 800ms response time for all set point changes, minimizing any system errors in the process.


Sevenstar releases the new generation CS300 MFC for semiconductor marketing. Based on CS technology platform, CS300 is the latest generation designed especially for large scaled IC equipments .CS300 MFC has the DF based pressure compensation algorithm, improved surface finishing and Specification comply with SEMI standard, also 1.125" IGS W -seal and C-seal interface are available.


CS100 MFCs derive from the CS series, sharing the same technologies, Constant-power Sensor, Digital Sensor Balance and Valve Correct Pedestal Technology. CS100 can be customized to specific requirements. Additionally with Customer Ground Correction (CGC) function CS100 is flexible in different operating environments and eliminate the bad influence to accuracy because of the improper connecting of ground wires.


CS230 MFCs offer a more accurate solution for high flow, whose full scale could be 300 slm N2. The innovational control algorithm in the CS230 MFC improves the response time within 2seconds by either digital or analog control mode. The characteristics of the low zero drift and less temperature coefficient will help this product to minimize the error and achieve more accuracy. Moreover, the DeviceNetTM (by ODVA), RS485 protocols are available in the communication.


The CS330C、D MFC/MFM incorporate a dual interface, voltage and current as well as RS-485,DeviceNet and ProfiBus digital interfaces. It is possible to operate the instrument completely digitally or it can be operated in analog mode with digital monitoring. CS330C、D series have wide range of power supply(available for ±8 ~ ±16 VDC or +14 ~ +28 VDC).
In addition, autoAlarm, change of operating gas and range available through the digital interface. Customer Secondary Development of control and sample software is available through the open protocol.
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