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The PC100-D series pressure controller products use the latest generation control technology for semiconductor and photovoltaic field which provide high accuracy and reliability for the control and measurement of gas pressure. The PC100-D product is designed with straight channel, equipped with piezoresistive silicon pressure sensor and digital circuit board, which supports wide power supply (+ 15V ~ 24V), and supports both digital signal and 0 ~ 5V analog signal at the same time. It is possible to operate the instrument completely digitally or it can be operated in analog mode with digital monitoring. PC100-D series have high control accuracy, fast response time (< 1s), corrosion resistance and insensitive position. The client software and secondary development of control and acquisition is available through the open protocol.
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  1. Pressure sensing technology based on PTS (pressure, temperature, space)

  P. Customized sensing technology, up to 0.1ms

  T. Pressure (P) - temperature (T) two parameter characteristic temperature compensation technology

  S. Cavity structure design technology of integrated sensor

  Based on PTS technology, the PC100-D can achieve temperature compensation which can be calculated with the established pressure -p and temperature- t data template through the optimization of pressure and temperature parameters. On the other hand, to make the data measurement more accurate, improving the installation position of the sensor was used to reduce the volume of the detection cavity;

  2. Pressure control technology based on AI

  a. Dynamic pressure data model

  b. AI online learning rapid recognition

  c. Automatic switch FF-P (fixed flow pressure fluctuation) and FP-F (fixed pressure flow fluctuation) modes

  Through the establishment of pressure fluctuation data model, fixed flow pressure fluctuation and fixed pressure flow fluctuation modes can be quickly recognized. According to different modes, PC-100 D can adjust the pressure PID parameters with the pre Increase or decrease of the valve voltage, and the strategy has the characteristics of fast response and stable control.

  3. All metal corrosion resistance technology

  a. All metal seal structure design

  b. Special metal surface treatment (passivation)

  Embedded fluorine lined proportional pressure regulating valve technology is applied. The sealing structure of the valve is mainly made of 316L stainless steel and PTFE. For the part exposed to gas, PTFE material can improve the service life of the product and is suitable for various types of corrosive gas, and the sealing performance is superior to the previous metal sealing;




Pressure Type


Pressure Full Scale Ranges


Proof Pressure


Orifice Full Scale Ranges


Control Modes


Temperature drift

Zero:±0.02% of FS/℃; Span:±0.04% of Reading/℃

Pressure Resolution

0.1 Torr

Pressure Control Accuracy

±1.0% of Reading(≥10%FS); ±0.2% of FS (<10%FS)

Typical Response Time

< 1.0 second

Operating Temperature Range

10 ℃ to 50 ℃

Mechanical interface

1/4" Compression Fitting、1/4VCR M

Valve Type

Normally Closed

Leak Integrity,External

< 1 x 10-10(scc/sec He)

Leak Integrity,Through closed valve

< 1.0% of orifice Full Scale (Nitrogen at 25 psig on inlet to atmosphere)

Power supply

+15 to +24 VDC(< 4 watts)

Electrical interface

DB-9 M


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  • SC188 PC100D User Manual(2023.01.11)(密级:不涉密).pdf

    2023-02-09 16:52:59
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