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CS200 MFCs with advanced sensor and temperature compensation technology can achieve ±1%S.P. accuracy and a low temperature coefficient. In addition, CS200 MFCs with the advanced control system average an 800ms response time for all set point changes, minimizing any system errors in the process.
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1. High Accuracy and Fast Response

The accuracy of the CS200 MFC has been improved to ±1.0% of S.P., and the most advanced models have a reduced response time of less than 0.8 sec.

2. Low Zero Drift and Temperature Coefficient

The invention of new sensor technology enables the CS200 MFC to maintain stability and withstand temperature fluctuations. Without an auto-zero amplifier, the expected zero drift is less than 0.6%F.S./year, and the temperature coefficient is less than 0.02%F.S./℃(zero),0.05%F.S./ ℃ (span).

3. Metal-Sealed Models and High Purity Feature

The wetted flow path of-the-the-line CS200 MFC is constructed from surface-passivated stainless steel. All CS200 MFCs are assembled in Sevenstar’s ultraclean Class 100-class cleanrooms in accordance with both SEMI and ISO 9001 standards.

4. Compatible Interfaces

The CS200 MFC is compatible with the following interfaces, which may be selected by the customer:±8V-±16V double-end power supply and +14V-+28V single–end power supply; digital or analog signal input and output; SEMI standard mechanical dimensions; and RS-485 or DeviceNet communications module.

5. Miscellaneous Functions

Powerful customer software comes standard with each model, while additional functions such as multi-gas,multi-range,auto-zero, alarms, soft start, and delay are available as customer selections.



Type CS200A CS200C CS200D CS210A CS210-D
Full scale range (N2) ( 0~5,10,20,30,50,100,200,300,500)SCCM ( 0~2,3,5,10,20,30,50,100,200,300,500)SCCM ( 0~2,3,5,10,20,30,50,100,200,300,500)SCCM
( 0~1,2,3,5,10,20,30,50)SLM ( 0~1,2,3,5,10,20,30)SLM ( 0~1,2,3,5,10,20,30,50)SLM
Accuracy ±1.0% S.P. (≥35% F.S.)                                                        ±0.35% F.S(<35% F.S.)
Linearity ±0.5% F.S.
Repeatability ±0.2% F.S.
Response Time ≤1sec ≤0.8 sec (SEMI E17-0600) ≤1sec ≤ 0.8 sec (SEMI E17-0600)
Valve Rest Position Normally Closed    or  Normally Open(100 sccm≤F.S.≤5 slm) No Valve Normally Closed    or  Normally Open(100 sccm≤F.S.≤5 slm) No Valve Normally Closed    or No Valve Normally Closed  or   Normally Open(F.S.≤30slm) No Valve Normally Closed    or
Normally Open
No Valve
Normally Open(100 sccm≤F.S.≤5 slm)
Differential Pressure 0.05~0.35MPa (Flow≤10slm) <0.02MPa (0.05~0.35) MPa(≤10slm) <0.02MPa (0.05~0.35) MPa(≤10slm) <0.02MPa 0.05~0.35MPa (Flow≤10slm)
<0.02MPa (0.05~0.35) MPa(≤10slm)
(0.1~0.35) MPa(>10slm)
0.1~0.35MPa(10slm<Flow≤30slm) (0.1~0.35) MPa(>10slm) (0.1~0.35) MPa(>10slm)
0.2~0.45MPa  (Flow>30slm)    
Maximum Operating Pressure 0.45MPa
Temperature Zero:≤±0.05% F.S./℃;                             Span: ≤±0.1% F.S./℃ (Flow≤30slm)                           Span: ≤±0.2% F.S./℃(Flow>30slm) Zero:≤±0.02% F.S./℃; Span:≤±0.05% F.S./℃ Zero:≤±0.05% F.S./℃;
Span: ≤±0.1% F.S./℃ (Flow≤30slm)
Span: ≤±0.2% F.S./℃ (Flow>30slm)
Zero:≤±0.02% F.S./℃;                        Span:≤±0.05% F.S./℃
Proof Pressure 3MPa   (435pisg)
Leak integrity 1×10-9 atm·cc / sec He 1×10-10atm·cc / sec He 1×10-9 atm·cc / sec He 1×10-10 atm·cc / sec He
Wetted Materials Viton; Metal?(Stainless Steel V/V, 5Ra) Metal Viton Metal
Surface Chemistry —— Cr/Fe ratio >2.0; CrO thickness >20 Angstroms —— ——
Surface Finish 25Ra 10Ra 25Ra
Operation Temperature (5~45)℃ (0~50)℃ (5~45)℃ (0~50)℃
Input Signal Digital: RS485  or  ProfiBus    or   DeviceNetTM           Analog:(0~5)VDC or (4~20)mA or(0~20)mA N/A Digital: RS485 or ProfiBus  or DeviceNetTM   Analog:(0~5)VDC or (4~20)mA or (0~20)mA N/A Digital:RS485 or ProfiBus  or DeviceNetTM   Analog:(0~5)VDC or (4~20)mA?or (0~20)mA N/A Digital: RS485 or  EtherCAT N/A Digital: RS485 or  EtherCAT N/A
Output Signal Digital: RS485 or DeviceNetTMor ProfiBus or EtherCAT       Analog:(0~5)VDC or (4~20)mA or (0~20)mA Digital: RS485 or EtherCAT
Power Supply ±8 ~ ±16 VDC or +14 ~ +28 VDC(400mA) +20.4 ~ +26.4 VDC
Electronic Connector 9 pin male sub-D ,15 pin male sub-D ,DeviceNetTM,ProfiBus ,Analog 9 pin male sub-D , EtherCAT 9 pin male sub-D , EtherCAT
Fittings VCR1/4” M; VCO1/4” M; VCR1/4” M; VCR1/4” M; VCO1/4” M;
Compression FittingΦ10;Compression FittingΦ6;
Compression Fitting 3/8”;  Compression Fitting1/4”;
Compression Fitting1/8”; Compression FittingΦ3;
A-sael ;
VCR1/4” M;
Compression FittingΦ6,
Compression FittingΦ3,
Compression Fitting1/4”,
Compression FittingΦ10;Compression FittingΦ6; Compression FittingΦ6,
Compression Fitting 3/8”;  Compression Fitting1/4”; Compression FittingΦ3,
Compression Fitting1/8”; Compression FittingΦ3; Compression Fitting1/4”,
Ф6(inner)×1hose;ф5(inner)×1.5hose;ф4(inner)×1hose; W-seal,
 A-sael ; C-seal
Weight 1kg 0.8kg 1.2kg 1kg 1.2kg 1kg 1kg 0.8kg 1.2kg 1kg
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